Tougher Minds

Tougher Minds at Colfe’s is a unique approach to learning. Colfe’s and the Tougher Minds consultancy have developed a bespoke programme for the school, in collaboration with teachers, pupils and parents.

All Year 7 pupils participate in Tougher Minds training which gives them the skills they need to successfully manage their personal wellbeing. The programme enables them to create realistic goals and targets so that they can learn to control their academic and social agendas. Sleep, diet and exercise are all key components in their social wellbeing development and this programme reinforces their importance.

Colfe’s engages award-winning performance and well-being consultants alongside academic departments to develop teachers’ understanding of how pupils learn. This results in a dynamic and original approach in the classroom which responds directly to the way in which children assimilate and process information.

Tougher Minds is based on the latest understanding of neuroscience and human behaviour: using skills and techniques which have been developed at the highest level in education, business and in elite sport. Forward planning and personal organisation are included in the programme, giving pupils the essential requirements for success in the 21st century.

Read the Colfe’s Case Study on the Tougher Minds website.

How to apply

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