Inspection Report September 2023

ISI Report

January 2024

We are now in a position to share with parents the Routine Inspection Report following the visit of the ISI team last September. This is amongst the first reports to be published under the new inspection framework. We are delighted by the overwhelmingly positive tenor of the report, reflecting the very high quality of teaching and learning throughout the school. As in previous reports, pastoral care is acknowledged as a key strength of the school.

Richard Russell

“Pupils receive education that is wide ranging, appropriately challenging and prepares them effectively for life beyond school. 

 Leaders’ strong ethos of inclusion enables pupils of different ages and abilities to achieve highly through the school’s extensive and well thought out extra-curricular programme.

…pupils value respect for both themselves and others and recognise the importance of tolerant and inclusive attitudes in the school community.

Teachers’ guidance supports pupils’ progress, giving confidence… as they move from the early years through the juniors and into seniors. This enables pupils to be well prepared academically and mentally to perform at a high level in public examinations.

Safeguarding is given the highest priority with a large and highly skilled team at senior level.”

Read the full report below.

ISI Routine Inspection Report – Colfe’s 2023

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