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Exam Results

GCSE 2022

Colfe’s received an outstanding set of GCSE results today, with 63% of pupils securing the top 9-8 grades. Despite reports of a national drop in grades 7 and above nationally, over 80% of grades achieved by Colfe’s pupils were 7/8/9, by far the highest proportion in the history of the school.

Six pupils – Emily, Amelia, Amarachi, Joshua, Katie and Eleanor – secured straight grade 9s, with a total of 67 grade 9s between them.

Emily, who achieved 12 grade 9s said “I still can’t believe it. I’m in shock but really happy. I’ve loved my time at Colfe’s – the teachers are so lovely and supportive.” Joshua commented “I’m really looking forward to studying Maths, History, Computer Science and Media at A-level and would like to do something related to computing at university.” Katie, who has been at Colfe’s since nursery, said  “Seeing my results on paper was just amazing. I’m going to be studying French, Spanish, Latin and Politics at A-level next year.”

See full results table here

Headmaster Richard Russell said: “Building on last week’s fantastic success at A-level, these outstanding GCSE results confirm how successfully Colfe’s has weathered the storm of the pandemic. Our Year 11 pupils have surpassed expectations, a reflection of the strength of character that they have shown over the last two years. Their teachers have been equally determined, providing support and direction in person and online, as dictated by circumstance. We could not be more delighted.”

A-level 2022

Colfe’s students and staff are celebrating record A-Level results (2021 not included). The results are particularly well deserved as this was the first set of public examinations for the year group after the disruption and uncertainty of the previous years.

88% of grades awarded were A*-B with 71% A*-A – eighteen students achieved straight A* – 98% will attend their chosen university including Russell Group, other leading competitive universities, Medicine and Oxbridge.

A-level Results Table 2022

Course choices remain as diverse as ever: as well as traditional options such as English, Mathematics, History and Medicine, Colfe’s students have chosen to study a range of subjects including Liberal Arts, Nuclear Science and Materials, Game Design and Production and Sports Journalism.

Simon Burton A*/A*/A, outgoing School Captain will read Economics at Bath University “I joined Colfe’s in the junior school, during my time here the teachers have been so supportive, I really think that’s what makes us stand out from the rest – the huge amount of care and time the teachers bring – I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without them, my friends at school and my parents”. Luella Saunders, who joined Colfe’s in Year 7 and will now go to Exeter to read PPE having achieved A*/A*/A*, was also delighted “We have been so well supported since the start of the pandemic – everybody seems to have done so well.” Twins Jenny and Rachel Pham who joined Colfe’s from Addey & Stanhope School in the depths of the pandemic both achieved A*/A*/A*/A* and will read Computer Science at Kings College, London. Rachel said “ It’s hard not to be driven by the environment at Colfe’s, you have so many good teachers around you”, Jenny added “we really enjoyed being part of the EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) group, it’s a great way to raise awareness and a good space to discuss things.”

Headmaster Richard Russell said: “This year’s A level students have shown amazing resilience, engaging positively with two protracted periods of online learning over the last two years and eventually triumphing in the first public examinations that they have ever experienced with the highest proportion of top grades that the school has ever achieved. We are immensely proud of them all. Huge credit and congratulations are also due to their teachers who have seen examination goalposts shifting more or less constantly over the last two years whilst simultaneously providing pastoral care of the highest standard to all our pupils.”

GCSE 2021

Colfe’s pupils have achieved outstanding GCSE success after the most challenging of years.

Despite the continued unpredictability of the last two years, pupils and staff worked have tirelessly to attain an impressive set of results. No fewer than 17 pupils achieved grade nine in at least eight subjects, including four who gained grade nine in at least 11 subjects.

Alice, achieved 11 grade 9s “I am so pleased with my results and I am grateful to the teachers for doing such an excellent job, the live lessons over lockdown were brilliant and they really supported us. I made the right decision to stay at Colfe’s for sixth form and I am going to study A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Geography.”

Alexander, who scored a raft of grade 7,8 and 9s “I am so happy and surprised at my results. I joined Colfe’s in Y9 and have really enjoyed my time here. I am really looking forward to starting sixth form and studying Art, English, Music and German”.

Isha, achieved two grade 8s and nine grade 9s, “I really didn’t expect to get such high grades. The teachers at Colfe’s and my parents have been really supportive during such a challenging two years. I am thrilled. I hope to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-Level.”

Headmaster Richard Russell said: These fantastic results are a fitting tribute to the dedication of a wonderful group of pupils who have managed to remain cheerful and committed as the goalposts have moved constantly over the last 18 months. They are all well placed to build on their achievement in the sixth form over the next two years. Teachers and parents are also to be congratulated: academic and pastoral support within school has been complemented by a lot of patient encouragement at home, particularly during periods of school closure. The potential of this year group is exciting and we look forward to its fulfilment over the next two years.

A-level 2021

Colfe’s students and staff are celebrating A-Level success after two years of uncertainty and disruption. Over 80% of students achieved places at their first choice university, including Russell Group, with a record number – ten in total – heading to Oxford or Cambridge.

Course choices this year are particularly diverse: as well as traditional options such as English, Mathematics, History and Medicine, Colfe’s students have chosen to study a range of subjects including Geology, Anthropology, Astro Physics, Filmmaking, Musical Theatre, Art & Design, Nursing and Midwifery. Students are also choosing a more vocational path with a record number this year going on to study business courses such as Banking & Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship, Business with Languages and courses with a year in industry. Some students have opted for apprenticeship routes as an alternative to university and will start work in September.

Ryan Smith A*/A*/A*/A*, who has been at Colfe’s since nursery, will read Medicine at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge “I have had a great time at Colfe’s over the last 15 years and I am very excited for the next chapter of my life”. Panos Philalithis A*/A*/A*/A*, who also joined Colfe’s at nursery and went on to become School Captain, will read Economics at Trinity College Cambridge “Colfe’s has made me the person I am today and I am so grateful, I thank my teachers and friends for supporting me in reaching my goal”.

It has been another hugely successful year for our Leatherseller Scholars, three of whom are heading to Oxford or Cambridge. Aleesha Bruce, Leatherseller Scholar and School Captain – who joined Colfe’s from Prendergast Ladywell – achieved A*/A*/A and will read Economics at The London School of Economics. “It has been such a strange year but I will forever be grateful to Colfe’s for helping me get to the destination that was right for me. It’s funny to think I didn’t even know what Economics was before I joined Colfe’s and now I have an A* in the subject and I am off to study it at one of the best places in the world. I couldn’t be happier”.

Headmaster Richard Russell said: “Our candidates have performed remarkably well against a background of perpetual uncertainty. The strength of their stoicism and resilience cannot be overstated. This is equally true of their teachers who have dealt with the shifting sands of Covid with smiling fortitude over the last 18 months. I am particularly grateful to Mr Drury and Mr Rogers and their respective teams for their dynamic and creative leadership. We were delighted to see record numbers winning places at Oxford or Cambridge in a year that was a challenge for many independent schools. It is equally pleasing to report that two of our top scientists will be studying at Imperial College which has played such a decisive role through the period of the pandemic. The final list of destinations will be published when it is known but I am confident that it will reflect the variety and diversity of aspiration that we witness every year. The class of 2021 have pointed the way for future generations magnificently. We look forward to hearing of their future success.”