Digital Learning

From September 2022 Colfe’s will begin the rollout of a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ initiative for pupils in Y7 and Y12.

Following the success of remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic pupils and teachers have enjoyed the benefits of digital technology as part of their learning. We now hope to harness this momentum with the launch of our digital learning programme. 

Digital learning at Colfe’s will be used to enhance engagement, progress, and outcomes for pupils alongside our current successful teaching approaches. It will allow us to move from use of paper textbooks to online alternatives and to increase use of other on-line resources, software, and apps. The experience will not only enhance pupil’s learning at school but also prepare them for success in the world beyond Colfe’s. 

Upon entry to the senior school, parents will be asked to purchase a personal device for their children to use in the classroom and at home. The use of personal devices will allow pupils to: 

  • apply their IT skills across a variety of contexts, thus developing their confidence in the application of technology;
  • research lesson concepts and questions and develop their critical thinking when selecting reliable sources; 
  • engage with instant feedback on their work via online quizzes and responding to online marking in class; 
  • work collaboratively in producing a presentation or document via file sharing;  
  • identify work at the right level for them from a selection of class resources / support materials / activities including for those with SEND; 
  • take responsibility for organising and making use of their online notes.  

From September 2022 pupils in Year 7 and Year 12 will be required to bring their own device. These will be chosen from the Microsoft Surface range and will include Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Go.

From September 2023 the initiative will be rolled out across all year groups.