Art & Photography Co-curricular

The Art & Photography Department at Colfe’s is a welcoming and sociable place for all Colfe’s senior school pupils.

We encourage you to be involved in art throughout your time at school. We offer weekly art and photography clubs, including a Year 7 Art club and a Duke of Edinburgh photography club. Pupils are invited to make use of our great facilities such as the photography studio and the digital suite, and are welcome to catch up on work every lunch time and after school. We actively promote visits to museums and galleries outside of school. New exhibitions and events are posted weekly on our Instagram account @colfesart.

The annual Art & Photography exhibition in June is a whole-school event, open to parents, families and members of the public where the work of our GCSE and A-Level students is celebrated.

The annual Fine Art & Graphics exhibition in June is a whole-school event, open to parents, families and members of the public where the work of the students from across the school is celebrated.

GCSE Art & A-Level Art & Photography
Information about these courses can be found on our Academic Art page.

Art scholarships are offered at Year 7 and Year 12. Art scholars are expected to undertake certain duties such as assisting with school open days, and take part in various activities and art competitions.


The first stage of the assessment process is through a digital portfolio submission ahead of the entrance examination.  This should be submitted in the following format:

  • A Powerpoint presentation of no more than 10 slides with images to show drawing aptitude, personal art and school projects, including but not limited to photography, mixed media and animation.
  • You may include more than one image per slide and written notes or annotation explaining the work.
  • This should contain work the applicant has enjoyed doing and will be happy to talk about.

Admissions will provide instructions on how to submit the digital portfolio after the deadline for applications has closed.

For those shortlisted for the second stage of assessment this will involve a small group art session and a meeting with the Head of Art. Applicants will be assessed on potential and enthusiasm as well as ability. Applications for the art scholarship will progress only if the applicant’s performance in the entrance examination has met the standard required to be considered for a place at Colfe’s. You will be told if your child has reached this stage after the entrance examination has been sat.

No digital portfolio submission is required. Candidates will be invited in to meet with the Head of Art to discuss a portfolio of work.

Information on how to apply is available in our Admissions section.

How to apply

Find out more about how to apply for Colfe's School. Our main entry points are at ages 3, 4, 11 and 16.