COVID-19 Update

Our Admissions office is open.
Click here for virtual tour videos of the school and contact information for the Admissions team. Our September open day event is likely to be cancelled (TBC), as an alternative an online virtual admissions experience will go live in September.

Autumn term – information for parents:

Government guidance is yet to be fully confirmed therefore all of what follows will be subject to change but does serve to give a fair picture of what school will be like in September.


  • It looks likely that we will be able to deliver the academic programme in full in both Junior and Senior schools.
  • Junior School pupils will be required to stay within class groups in isolated bubbles, as has been the case for those year groups which have been permitted to return since half term.
  • Senior School pupils will be grouped together in year groups. The bubble size will be accordingly much larger but our largest year group (135) will be well below the DfE maximum size of 240. Each year group will have its designated area for recreation at break and lunchtime. We hope, however, to avoid the “staggered” start to the day which has been mooted by the DfE because our site is sufficiently large to enable us to avoid it.
  • We have to assume that there may be further periods of school closure in the autumn or winter. We will therefore strengthen our IT resources significantly to make it possible for “hybrid” learning to take place, whereby pupils can attend lessons physically in school or remotely from home. Use of the Microsoft Teams platform will be central to these arrangements.
  • Testing: any pupil or teacher who presents as symptomatic will be required to undergo a test immediately. If a test comes back positive, all those who have had contact with the infected person will be required to isolate for two weeks. Because it is statistically quite likely that this will happen, it will be essential for all pupils and staff to be able to switch to hybrid or remote learning at short notice.
  • Sport, music, drama and other co-curricular activity will hopefully resume, subject to the same constraints as everything else.

A further update is expected from the DfE on 11 August which will, I hope, enable us to fully confirm the position at Colfe’s for the autumn term.


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