School Coaches

The school operates three routes covering Beckenham, Chelsfield and Canary Wharf for pupils in Year 3 and above. Due to safeguarding considerations, we do not accept children on the coach until they reach Year 3. All coaches are operated by Centaur.

Details of the current routes are given below.  We run an additional late drop-off service for all routes; please contact the Bursary for more information. Applicants can apply for a seat on any of the school coaches after accepting a place. It is important to note that requesting a seat is not a guarantee of a place. Will will confirm your child’s place by the end of the summer term.

Please contact the Bursary for further details.


Afternoon/Late Afternoon Route
Stop name PM drop-off
(stop order)
Colfe’s School 15:50
Aspen Way
Bus stop adjacent to St Lawrence Street
16:15 (1)
Bus Stop E
Preston’s Road, junction with Harbour Quay
16:17 (2)
Bus Stop P
16:19 (3)
East Ferry Road
Bus Stop AP, junction with Selsden Way
16:21 (4)
Old Millwall Fire Station
Bus Stop E, East Ferry Road
16:21 (5)
Mast House Terrace
Britannia Road
16:25 (6)
Arnhem Place
Westferry Road, junction with Arnhem Place
16:27 (7)
Bus Stop U
Westferry Road opposite Bying Street
16:28 (8)
Bus Stop B (Westferry Circus)
Canary Wharf
16:30 (9)
Bus Stop C (South Quay)
Marsh Wall, opposite South Quay DLR
16:34 (10)


Stop name AM pick-up
(stop order)
PM drop-off
(stop order)
Blackwall DLR Station
Bus Stop P
07:30 (1) 16:17 (3)
Bus Stop MC
Millennium Village on the Pilot Busway
07:42 (2) 16:05 (2)
Bus Stop MF
Millennium Leisure Park East
07:45 (3) 16:02 (1)
Colfe’s School 08:05 15:50

How to apply

Find out more about how to apply for Colfe's School. Our main entry points are at ages 3, 4, 11 and 16.