Our on-site 6-lane 25m pool is in use throughout the year for swimming, water polo, biathlons, lifesaving and synchronised swimming. The Aquatics programme runs through the school from nursery to Sixth Form as a prominent part of the curriculum as well as all the additional training sessions, encouraging pupils to gain water confidence from a young age.

Colfe’s pupils regularly compete in both galas and water polo tournaments against local schools where we field a number of A-C teams across the year groups. In addition, we enter prestigious swimming competitions such as the English Schools, London League, Kent Schools and Bath Cup, as well as the Cadet, London and English Schools water polo tournaments.

Before and after-school swimming training takes place three times week where pupils work on stroke technique, skills and stamina, supported by our experienced coaching team. These sessions cater for those wanting to train to compete as well as those individuals swimming for fitness. We also offer lunchtime club for those eager to build their confidence and improve their skills in the pool. Swimming is a life skill and we aim for every pupil to be deep water confident and able to swim a length of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke by the end of Year 9 as a minimum. Water Polo is introduced in the Junior School and has training sessions during lunchtimes and after school. It is a great way for our pupils to develop team work and ball skills within match play in a safe and exciting environment.

The school has close links with local swimming and water polo clubs to provide pupils with further opportunities. Club swimmers are supported within the school programme, and have access to all training sessions either to work on specific areas or supplement their training. Many of our swimmers progress onto assisting and coaching the younger pupils in addition to their own training. Once students reach Sixth Form, we offer the NPLQ Lifeguard Qualification as part of the games programme.

We run an incredibly successful programme and are proud of offering all pupils a variety of pool activities, creating a love of swimming and all things aquatic.

How to apply

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