Young Writers See Their Names in Print

Seven talented creative writers from Years 7-9 have made their debut as published authors after being selected in a Young Writers competition.  


George, Verity, Charlotte, Isabel, Leila, Natalie and Abigail submitted mini-sagas of 100 words based on the theme Integers – Stories Inspired by Numbers. The stories will now be included in an anthology published by Young Writers at the end of March. 


From dystopian futures populated with cyborgs and people replaced by bar-codes, to the futility of war and one person’s inescapable frozen destiny, the Integers theme inspired each of the pupils to create powerful short stories that each packed a real punch. 


The achievement is particularly notable as Colfe’s was one of the rare schools from which every pupil’s submission was chosen for publication. Young Writers Editor commented: “Having all your students’ work chosen is something to be proud of, it doesn’t happen every day! I was impressed with their writing and it’s clear that you’ve really inspired and engaged them with creative writing.” 


English Teacher Tim Cook, who encouraged and coordinated the submissions, said: “We are delighted that every one of the pupils have had their work chosen for publication. Each of these pieces of writing showed maturity and creativity. Being able to condense ideas into 100 words that tell a full story is a brilliant skill. We hope they, along with their classmates, will continue to be inspired to write, and look forward to reading what they produce in the future.” 


Young Writers works with schools and families across the UK to promote engagement in creative writing through competitions and resources to encourage and inspire children and young people from age 3 to 18.  


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