Year 7 First Impressions

We asked our new Year 7 pupils to share their experiences, how Colfe’s has supported them during the transition to secondary school and what they are most looking forward to.

The move from primary to secondary school can be a leap. There’s lots of information for new pupils to absorb – timetables, homework, lunch systems and finding classrooms! It’s a move from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar one, from being the oldest in the year group to the youngest. Uniquely this year, in response to Covid-19, our Year 7 pupils have also had to adapt to new ways of working, including following social distancing rules.

So what have the first few weeks been like? Here’s what our Year 7 pupils had to say about settling in:

Lois, 7C: “The best thing is trying new subjects and so far Latin is my favourite.”

Ivan, 7D: “ The Year 7 Induction Day really helped me. You get to see your classmates and make new friends. I’m really looking forward to trying out for sports teams.”

Michaela, 7A: “School is pretty big and it’s easy to get lost. But all the teachers are really nice and helpful.”

Jackson, 7A: “I’ve already signed up for some clubs, including water polo and my favourite subject is Art.”

Willow, 7E: “I was worried about going into a bigger school with so many pupils but everyone is really friendly. I’m really excited to go on school trips and do outdoor pursuits.”

All the new pupils agreed that there are more rules to get used to because of Covid – wearing their year group lanyard, not mixing with other year groups, cleaning desks after lessons, wearing a face mask in corridors – but they were in agreement that the guidance and new rules were necessary to keep them safe and ensure that school can stay open.

Head of Year 7, Katie Lindley said: “I have been so impressed with how well our Year 7 pupils have settled in, especially given their turbulent ending to Year 6. It has been a pleasure supporting them and helping them find their feet. Already the pupils are involving themselves in the Colfe’s community, with many of them signing up to extra-curricular clubs and making the most of the library. We are particularly excited for the Year 7 adventure day where the pupils will get the opportunity to bond and work together on a variety of fun outdoor activities, I already know this day will mark the beginning of lots of long lasting friendships.”

We wish all our Year 7s the best for a fantastic year ahead.


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