Technology Inspiration Day

Lewisham resident Nico has been working at Google in the Digital Marketing Team over the last year, focusing predominantly on the map app, Waze. Nico explained that, despite being a grammar school pupil, he found school and further education a challenge due to a hearing impairment.

His route into the technology sector came through an apprenticeship at Google, where he recently graduated with a Merit. Nico explained the different pathways within digital marketing and gave pupils a fascinating insight into what it’s like working for a technology giant like Google.

Teacher of Computer Science Mrs Li Sue said, “Technology has played a key role in enhancing Nico’s life and it was really interesting to hear how this inspired him to pursue a career at Google. Our pupils asked some great questions, so I hope this has given them a better understanding of the different options available to them after they  leave Colfe’s.”


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