Record Year for Apprenticeships

2023 has seen an unprecedented number of offers of apprenticeships for this year’s Year 13 students, with the highest number ever achieved. Seven students have accepted offers within a variety of sectors including law, systems engineering and financial services. All the apprenticeships are at high level so the students will gain the equivalent of a Foundation or Bachelor’s degree alongside their work placements.

The placements are:

Matthew, degree apprenticeship, National Audit Office; Shanika, L6 ICA Degree Equivalent Senior Risk and Compliance; Edward, Police Graduate Degree Apprenticeship; James, Solicitor’s Apprenticeship Direct Line; Alice, JP Morgan, Financial Services Level 6 Apprenticeship; Justin (pictured), Jaguar Land Rover degree apprenticeship; and Louis, Lloyds Bank, degree apprenticeship Internal Audit

Degree apprenticeships combine work with study, and the students will undertake their university studies alongside working full-time. Obtaining a degree apprenticeship is a gruelling and competitive process. The average number of applications for a single placement is between 15-20, with a typical submission involving multiple rounds of interviews and assessments, taking place alongside studying for A levels.

Head of Careers Debra Bean said: “Congratulations to these students who have gained these coveted places. Degree apprenticeships are highly sought-after and competition is fierce. Taking this route mean that the students will work in a full-time job alongside their university studies, so this is a very challenging option and not for the faint-hearted, but the rewards are immense. Students will graduate not only with a degree or equivalent qualification, but also having gained valuable working experience, a network of contacts in the workplace, and the assurance of subsequent employment. We wish our apprenticeship students, along with all our leavers, every success for their next step.”


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