Leathersellers’ Visitation Day 2017

A beautiful June day provided the perfect setting for the Leathersellers’ Annual Visitation – attended by the Master of the Leathersellers’, Wardens, Assistants, Stewards, scholars, members of staff and the local community, and fellow governors of Colfe’s.

A yearly visit to the school was instructed by Reverend Abraham Colfe in his lengthy will in 1657, and allows the Court to ensure it is being well run and delivering the best education for its pupils.

The school prepared a busy itinerary for guests, with the aim of providing an insight into the achievements of Colfe’s pupils and staff over the last twelve months. The Court and Governors met Colfe’s current Leatherseller Scholars – whom the Company generously support – as well as a number of past scholars. Ian Russell, Master of the Leathersellers’, kindly presented match-funding donations to pupils who have recently participated in fundraising activities and guests also visited the GSCE and A-level Summer Art Exhibition. This was followed by a luncheon with staff and an invitation to attend the John Glyn Society lecture with Sara Khan that evening.

The day proved to be a great success and we are delighted with the feedback from the Court and Governors about the exciting progress Colfe’s continues to make every year.


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