Art show highlights diversity of Colfe’s students’ work

Held to mark the half-way point in the year, AS level and A-level Fine Art and Graphic Communications students have displayed their work at an interim art show. Attended by parents, staff and other Colfe’s pupils, the exhibition was an eclectic collection ranging from hand drawings and graphic prints, to sculptures and textiles.

Head of Art Jacqui Burton said, “It was nice to see so many parents come and support their children. This show really helps give students a very real sense of deadlines and promotes ownership of their work.”

Colfe’s Artist in Residence Lily German also presented her latest pieces, inspired by a pilgrimage along the Thames from Erith. Displaying a visual score and two ceramic sculptures, Lily said of her pieces, “Fragility is a state that my writing and sculptural work challenges and attempts to compromise. Hand-built clay forms lean, fall, slump, press upon and play with each other. I am interested in the anticipation of their breaking and holding that moment within the objects, suspending the viewer’s expectation for what is going to happen.”

Colfe’s art students have a reputation for success – one such being former student Georgia Bosson who has gone on to found her own textile design studio. She recently launched a series of screen printing workshops which are available to book at


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