National Apprenticeship Week

Janina turned down a place at Durham University to secure an apprenticeship with UBS.

In the spring term Year 12 students participate in a one-to-one interview with the Head of Careers, giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about university or alternatives to full time higher education.

Every year more Colfe’s students consider apprenticeships, which allow them to work for 80% of the week and train for the remaining 20%. Participants are paid for their work and do not pay for their training. It’s possible to gain an apprenticeship up to and including postgraduate degree level.

A number of our Sixth Form students have joined highly competitive schemes after their A-levels and to mark National Apprenticeship Week, some have been sharing their experiences with current students.

Molly, who is undertaking an apprenticeship at Christie’s Auction House, said “It’s a big jump going from school to a nine to five job in the space of a few months. I’ve made lots of new friends and picked up an abundance of skills, all whilst working and learning within a professional environment. The biggest perk is undoubtedly the fact that I’m being paid to do all of this and by the end of the apprenticeship I will hopefully have secured a permanent position within the company.”

Nikolas is an Assistant Building Surveyor at Playle & Partners LLP, Construction & Property Consultants. He says “My apprenticeship has allowed me to earn money while also working towards a degree and building real industry experience. I’m learning important information and knowledge with the university course and will be able to develop the skills I’ll need for my entire career.”

Janina, who turned down a place at Durham University to secure an apprenticeship at Swiss Investment Bank UBS, said “By undertaking an apprenticeship, you are going to get the training you need and you get paid. It’s kind of: why wouldn’t you?”

Head of Careers, Mrs Bean, comments “The traditional university experience is not for everyone and if you are ready to go to work at 18, an apprenticeship is ideal because you can still work towards new qualifications, but you have the advantage of being employed. Places on Higher and Degree apprenticeship courses are very competitive, and we are always delighted when any of our students are successful.”


How to apply

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