Mathematics Master Class

Thirty-two pupils from local junior schools were welcomed at Colfe’s this week to participate in the Year 5 Mathematics Master Class, the first to be held since before the pandemic.

Two skilled mathematicians from each of John Ball Primary School, West Lodge School, St Olave’s, St Winifreds Catholic Primary School, Blackheath Prep School, Brindishe Lee, Halstow Primary School, Breaside Prep School, Merton Court Prep School and James Wolfe Primary School attended, where they were joined by Colfe’s pupils to enjoy a morning of mathematical games and problem-solving.

As a warm-up, the children started by using lateral thinking to solve matchstick and counter problems. The competition began in earnest as they worked in teams to complete four exciting rounds, involving playing games, completing challenges on computers, applying their maths to real life problems and taking part in a maths relay.

Each team was supported by a Sixth Former, who helped them understand the challenges and encouraged them to work as a competitive team. Every pupil went away with a certificate of participation and the top three teams received bronze, silver and gold certificates and medals presented to them by Deputy Head Donna Graham.

Dr Cecilia Buescu, Teacher of Mathematics and event organiser said: “We were delighted to be able to hold the Maths Master Class again after a three-year break. It was brilliant to welcome all the pupils in and see them so enthusiastic about taking part. They worked together so well in good-hearted competition, and demonstrated just how much fun can be had in maths challenges. Congratulations to everyone who took part and especially to the winning team who were from Blackheath Prep School and Colfe’s School. Thanks also go to my colleague in the Maths department Mrs Hirani and the Year 12 helpers for making the day run smoothly.”


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