Linguistics Collaboration Launches

A new initiative between the Classics, English and Modern Languages departments has been launched to promote collaboration between the three disciplines, including a new Linguistics Society and cross-curricular activities.

The alliance is designed to encourage inter-disciplinary co-operation both within and outside the classroom, sharing knowledge, exploring common topics, and enjoying joint activities and events.

A weekly Linguistics Society has begun, open to all pupils in the Senior School. The Society will explore topics including the emergence of language, the discovery of writing and development of alphabet, and the history of English and other language families.

Inter-departmental trips will continue to be encouraged, with recent outings including a Years 9-10 visit to the British Museum Hieroglyphs exhibition. It is also hoped that the collaboration will lead to a future Colfe’s entry into the UK Linguistics Olympiad.

Within the academic curriculum, a common marking system has been implemented across the Senior school, ensuring consistency of terminology and symbols across the three disciplines, while discussions are taking place within the Junior school to introduce linguistics within the teaching of modern languages.

Head of Modern Languages Marios Koutsakis said: “Linguistics is the study of human language in all its aspects, and as such is a uniquely inter-disciplinary subject. There are so many commonalities, it makes perfect sense to formally collaborate to extend learning, promote understanding and hold extra-curricular activities under the Linguistics umbrella. We are excited to delve into this in accessible and engaging ways through our new society and cross-departmental activities.”


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