Junior School Maypole Workshop

The Junior School took part in a colourful Maypole workshop to celebrate the start of summer.  Run by the Education Group, the rainbow ribboned Maypole was set up in the playground. Each class learnt how to weave intricate patterns with the ribbons to traditional folk music. Charlotte in Year 4 explained “The first thing we did was get into a line and we were given an orange or purple sash. Then we got in a circle around the maypole. We skipped all the way round then the people in the purple sash walked forward and ducked. We skipped until we got to our spot. The adult then told us to make a spider’s web. The purple sash went underneath the orange sash, it was so exciting and we made a beautiful pattern! “

It was a fun way for our children to learn about teamwork and work on the core skills of maths and problem solving, while also being active. Mr Heil, Director of Teaching and Learning said, “The children enjoyed exploring the folk traditions associated with the dance to celebrate the return of summer (which sadly, appears to have disappeared!). Fingers crossed that the children’s hard work will bring back the sunshine!”


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