Junior School Library Gets a Makeover

Pupils between Year 3 and Year 6 have been enjoying the transformation of the Key Stage 2 Library after it was refurbished over the summer.

The space has been redesigned to extend and improve space for the core pastime of a library, reading itself. The fixed desks and desktop computers were removed to allow more room for both reading areas and book storage, with flexible seating for pupils to write, work on devices or read comfortably depending on the lesson. New curved bookshelves have been installed, enabling pupils to see more of the extensive collection and to browse with greater independence. There is a sofa section in the central part of the library where avid readers can curl up with a book or join together for games of chess or jigsaws, as well as bean bag chairs in reading nooks by windows.

Each class in Key Stage 2 has a dedicated library lesson where they enjoy guided reading sessions led by the two librarians and their class teacher. Lunchtime library sessions are also run three times a week, to which pupils can drop in to read, research or talk to the librarians.

The library contains a vast range of texts for the children to browse and borrow, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and newspapers, with stock reviewed and replenished regularly. The librarians are on hand to talk to pupils and make recommendations for personal reading and on class-related topics; just one recent delivery included books linked to the current Year 6 topics of The Kingdom of Benin, Sustainability and Climate Change and the Windrush.

Our young readers themselves have very much appreciated the makeover:

“The best section is the new sofa section as it’s a relaxing place to read”, Lily Y5

“There are lots of new books and there are lots of books that I like to read”, Marcus Y5

“My favourite place is the new sofa section”, Ayaan Y3

“It’s much brighter and there’s a lot more books”, Sophie Y5

“There are better places to read now. There are more comfortable sofas – not just chairs”, Filip Y3

“My favourite part is all the books!”, Sashini Y3

Head of Junior School Marie-Clare Gilfedder-Bonnar said: “It has been a huge thrill to see how much the pupils in Key Stage 2 have enjoyed and responded to their new library. We are very proud of our stock of books, and the new design of the internal space has had a direct effect on the experience of our young readers. A well-designed environment not only enhances our pupils’ enjoyment of the facility, but also leads to greater use of the library and greater engagement with reading itself which as we know has huge benefits for overall learning.”


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