Junior and Senior Strings Players Come Together at Showcase Concert

Pupils from Year 2 all the way to Year 13 came together at a wonderful Showcase performance to celebrate and promote string playing at Colfe’s.

All ensemble music was learnt in the afternoon at a workshop, before being performed at the evening concert. As well as a performance opportunity, the event provided an excellent chance for the younger pupils to collaborate with our older musicians.

The Junior School String Orchestra delighted the audience with Summer Stomp (Dorothy A. Straub), while the Senior String Orchestra performed New Chances, New Dances by Richard Meyer. The concert included accomplished individual performances from Y10’s Maya who played Bach’s Prelude from Suite No.2 on the viola, James (Y8) who performed Elegie by Faure, and Y12’s Oskar, Ari and Harrison who played Praeludium by Shostakovich.

Director of Music Tim Newberry said: “This was an excellent way to showcase the wealth of talent within our Junior and Senior schools. We had a fantastic repertoire which really demonstrated the variety there is within the strings section. Our aim was to celebrate strings playing at Colfe’s and hopefully inspire more aspiring strings musicians to pursue the instrument. I was also really impressed with the focus shown at the workshops, especially by our younger pupils – it is no mean feat to learn and perform an ensemble piece within a single afternoon!”


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