John Glyn Society welcomes Emily Penn

Colfe’s was delighted to welcome skipper and ocean advocate Emily Penn to speak at the first of the year’s John Glyn Society lectures with a talk on “Navigating our way towards a plastic free ocean”. Emily is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Yachtmaster of the Year and Seamaster of the Year, and has travelled widely across the world’s oceans. A committed environmentalist, she is dedicated to exploring the huge challenges we face, in particular ocean plastics.

Abbie (Year 12) reviewed the talk:

“Emily Penn delivered an engaging talk, describing her unique adventures as a skipper and an ocean advocate. She discussed her experiences and global voyages in an accessible manner, whilst providing valuable information to educate the audience about the damaging effects of plastics and microplastics.

Emily explained the reasoning behind the digital platform she has created, which acts as an online tool to aid people internationally. It helps them to avoid feeling overwhelmed about the worldwide issue and to discover solutions for problems relating to the ocean.

Ultimately, she shed light on a topic which is an integral part of our society through not only her enthusiasm and unique experiences, but also her inspiring dedication to the cause.”

The John Glyn Society lectures, held throughout the year, are a key part of the Sixth Form experience, and intended to enrich the experience of those who have won academic scholarships to Colfe’s.


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