John Glyn Society Lecture: Life on Mars

Academic scholars in Years 7-10 were very lucky to have the opportunity to hear astronomer Colin Stuart speak on How we’ll live on Mars at the final John Glyn Society lecture of the academic year.

Colin is a multi-award winning scientist, speaker and author of many books on astronomy, including Mars: The Traveller’s Guide. He is also definitely the first John Glyn lecturer who has had an asteroid named after him!

Our students heard just what it takes to achieve the audacious feat of exploring the red planet, with plenty of illustrations to enable the audience to imagine a journey to Mars, with all the inevitable difficulties that would be encountered. As Colin pointed out, the first person to go to Mars is probably currently at secondary school – possibly even at Colfe’s – an inspiring thought which provoked much excitement. There were many questions at the end of the lecture – always a sign of an engaging talk.

Preston in Year 7 writes: “I really enjoyed this lecture because of many things including the amazing topic and how Colin Stuart was able to engage the audience in an exciting way and was able to make the subject funny! I believe he was able to show everyone how much fun learning about space is, and how many unanswered questions there are in the world. In conclusion, I believe that this lecture was amazing and that all students should try to attend all these kinds of lectures.”

The John Glyn Society lectures are intended to enhance the experience of those who have won scholarships to Colfe’s, enabling students to hear external speakers with widely different interests and areas of expertise.


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