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Growing up together at Colfe’s

As Year 13 reach the end of their time at Colfe’s, one student has reflected on the 15 years he has spent at the school – more than 80% of his life! – and the friends he has made along the way.

From left: Peter, Josh, Arthur, Emma, and Will all met at Colfe’s Nursery and will leave school this summer.

“15 years and counting. 

It seems like a distant memory, taking my first steps in Colfe’s as a carefree little boy excited for the adventures that lay ahead at nursery. Little did I know, entering the white gated fences –  and riding the famous yellow tricycles in the playground  – that was I about to meet my  friends, Emma, Will, Arthur and Peter,  with whom I am now ending my Colfe’s journey 15 years later. 

Moving to Year 3 was an exciting time as our cohort got bigger, classrooms became larger and new people joined the school. It seemed like opportunities and new experiences were endless. One of my fondest memories from my time in the Junior School is the theatre productions we used to put on every year, experiencing acting and ‘moon-walking’ off the stage for the first time. Once the school bell rang for summer at the end of Year 6 we all flew out of the school gates with excitement, knowing our next adventure at Colfe’s would be the Senior School. 

Everybody was excited and I can say Senior School didn’t disappoint. More independence, greater breadth of subjects to learn, more variety of sports to discover and the outdoor pursuit trips were just a few things which made our time at senior school so enjoyable. However, my Colfe’s experience wouldn’t be anything without the people – friends and teachers I have met along the way. It truly is a great learning environment to be part of, with its family orientated nature. I really feel I have made some friends for life.  

For all Y13 students  – for whom like me, the final chapter of their Colfe’s journey will close in June after final exams – I wish you all lots of success in the future.”

Josh, Year 13


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