Frantic Assembly visits Colfe’s

As part of GCSE and A-level Theatre Studies, pupils in Years 10-13 took part in an interactive workshop run by internationally renowned theatre company Frantic Assembly.

Frantic Assembly promotes the physical confidence that helps performers develop a brave and bold approach to creating new work. Using exercises specially taken from Frantic Assembly productions including Things I Know To Be True, Stockholm and Othello, the workshops explored various devising processes and how to work collaboratively to produce a multi-disciplined performance. Pupils developed skills to enhance abilities in performance, movement, directing and critical analysis.

The workshop was the latest in an annual visit from the theatre company, whose Associate Director Sophie Shaw expressed heartfelt words of praise for the creativity and receptive skills of Colfe’s pupils. Sophie was particularly impressed with Year 11, who made so much progress during their sessions that they did lifts and material normally used for A-level students.


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