Flavour of the Senior Library for Year 6

As they approach the end of their time in the Junior School before the transition to the Senior School, Year 6 pupils were treated to an advance glimpse of the Senior School Library in special taster sessions.

Led by Librarian Henrietta Englefield, the sessions introduced the children to the 14,000-strong collection of titles and the breadth of topics contained within. Mrs Englefield talked the groups through the variety of fiction and non-fiction books, outlined how Library sessions will fit within their English curriculum, and introduced them to their reading passports and the activities they will encounter such as the Reading Round the World challenge. The wealth of additional Library-run activities beyond the curriculum was of great interest to the children as they learnt of the opportunities to take part in co-curricular quizzes, competitions, societies and clubs.

The children were highly entertained by the demonstration of how not to look after books – illustrated with cautionary tales such as books battered from water-damage, mould, one that had once “fallen out of a window” and spent several months on a roof, pages stuck with chewing gum, and a book that had inadvertently become a new toy for a dog (and had clearly come out the loser in that battle).

Mrs Englefield said: “The benefits of reading cannot be emphasised enough, both for strengthening academic learning and in enhancing empathy, understanding and awareness of society. Reading for pleasure is not always at the top of everyone’s list however, so we stress that even if you think you don’t enjoy reading, whatever you are interested in we can find a book you will enjoy. One of the most rewarding parts of my role here is seeing how much a reluctant reader blossoms when they discover a title or author who taps into their passion.”

The sessions generated much enthusiasm from pupils about what the Library can offer:

“It’s humongous and it isn’t just for reading, you can relax and do your homework here too”, Miya

“There are lots of football books I’d be interested in”, Nicholas

“It’s a big safe space where I feel I can read freely”, Alfie

“I can’t wait to sit and read here forever”, Sade


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