Experts visit for Technology Inspiration Day

Pupils from Years 7, 8 and 9 were given the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and explore different careers within Computer Science at Colfe’s first Technology Inspiration Day.

With discussions spanning development, engineering, science and digital architecture, the first speaker of the day was Dr Joe Saunders, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire. Dr Saunders gave an address about his work in Artificial Intelligence and showed pupils a video of his learning robot, Kaspar, which drew gasps from the pupils as they saw the machine adapt to instructions and information.

Penny Bailey, Managing Director of Bailey Solutions Ltd, then talked about how she founded a software company whilst juggling the demands of being a parent. Penny is keen to encourage more girls into computing – a sector which is still underrepresented despite many notable female pioneers.

Finally Keldon Alleyne, Managing Director of Avasopht Ltd, spoke philosophically about his career as a computer games developer and his self-taught approach which combines his passion for music and creativity.

Jill Li-Sue, ICT and Computing Co-ordinator, said “All Colfe’s pupils in Year 7 and 8 are taught Computer Science as an academic subject and we excited to announce that from next year the school will also be offering it as a GCSE subject. This is particularly important as technology increasingly determines our futures and I hope that some of our pupils will start to think creatively about working with technology.”

Teacher of Computer Science Gary Sycamore said “Pupils will come into contact with technology in whatever career they choose – the better equipped they are for this the greater their chance of achieving success in their working lives.”

Year 9 pupil Alex Gray also said “I thought the session was very interesting and insightful. It showed me all the different types of careers you could find yourself in after doing a Computer Science degree and what they are really like.”



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