Expanding Horizons at Colfe’s Careers Fair

As our Year 13 students receive offers from universities, specialist colleges and apprenticeships across the country and look forward to life after A-levels, students in the younger years will have a chance to explore their own future career options at our biennial Careers Fair.

The Careers Fair takes place on 21 March, and is the first in-person Fair since 2018. The event offers a chance for pupils from Years 10-12 to discover a wealth of possible careers, with leading figures from a broad range of industries representing everything from artificial intelligence to law.

The destinations for our leavers reflects the diversity of industries represented, with students going on to some of the best universities to study a vast range of subject, from astrophysics to criminology, medicine to business, art to geology, musical theatre to politics.

The Careers Fair can also open up a world outside university; apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular – and competitive – option. Offered by top companies within a range of industries, in the last few years Colfe’s leavers have joined apprenticeships including at Christie’s, Barn Nuttall Engineering, and Price, Forbes and Partners insurance broker.

Professions confirmed for this year’s event include cyber security, engineering, archaeology, film, law, finance, television, medicine, architecture and, for the first time, anthropology. The fair will also include representatives from gap year organisations and universities.

Head of Careers Debbie Bean said: “The Careers Fair is a fantastic way for our pupils to delve into professions they already know about and discover new ones. For some of our pupils a career path may be clear at a young age, but for many the future is less clear. The Careers Fair is so often the place when our students have their ‘lightbulb’ moment as they discover a world of new opportunities they hadn’t known existed.”

Participation from further industries is greatly welcomed; please contact our Careers service to find out how you can help inspire young people.


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