Ethical Talks for Sixth Form Students

All Year 12 and 13 students at Colfe’s attend weekly talks given by external speakers. These thought-provoking presentations raise discussion and debate between our students and inspire them to question their own philosophies and their beliefs in the world around them.

To date, speakers have included academics, prison reformers, social movement engineers, those that suffer with social stigmas, reformed criminals, sports men and women, expeditioners and many more.

Presenter and fitness trainer, Annie Price gave a powerful presentation about resilience and inclusion and how she found physical and emotional strength after she was badly burnt as a baby. Angela Findley discussed World War 2 through the eyes of an ordinary German family. She discussed Germany’s post-war process and the efforts to come to terms with, apologise and atone for its past through art and memorials.

Singer and songwriter Henry Maybury gave another moving talk about losing his 29-year-old brother to alcohol addiction. Henry wrote his debut song ‘Lost Days’ in memory of his brother and set up a charitable trust to raise money for addition and recovery charities.

Dr Tunde Okewale MBE, a defence lawyer from Doughty Street discussed learning from mistakes, only accepting ‘No’ as a question and top tips for success. Tunde is a great advocate for inspiring young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, namely with his Urban Lawyers charity – for which he earned his MBE.

Student Aleesha (Y12) said, “This term has been a very interesting one, everything from motivational speeches and inspirational life lessons to laughter and tears. On behalf of Year 12, I would like to thank each and every speaker for sharing their amazing and thought-provoking life stories and experiences.”

Ruth Elliott, Year 12 Forum Coordinator said, “Our aim is to invite a wealth of inspiring, evocative and relevant speakers to represent the diverse mix of our Sixth Form. These speakers share some of their most personal and emotive stories, letting students reflect on lessons learned and consider wider issues.”


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