Ecology at Colfe’s

An Ecology Committee is being formed at Colfe’s to give pupils and staff the voice and tools they need to act on environmental issues. Led by the newly appointed Ecology Co-ordinator, Miss Charlotte Westrip, the committee will be made up of pupils from across the senior school.

They will take a three-step approach to tackling ecological issues both in and outside of school:

  • Education: using form times, assemblies and Eudaemonia lessons to educate the school community with engaging resources and ensure all pupils have a strong understanding of the urgency of climate crisis.
  • Action: working with different departments in the school, including IT and catering, to reduce the school’s collective carbon footprint and exploring new ways and initiatives to become more environmentally friendly.
  • Application: pupils applying the education they receive at Colfe’s – and any new initiatives – into their lives outside of school.

Colfe’s has also registered with the Eco-Schools educational programme, which encourages pupils of all ages and abilities to work together to develop their knowledge and environmental awareness.

Miss Westrip said “The objective of this committee is to inspire everyone to engage more seriously with climate change. The school is committed to playing a positive role in this important issue and we aim to ensure the conversations and initiatives we promote here also result in changes at home and across the community.”


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