Cyber Security Assembly

With cyber crime on the rise, pupils have attended particularly important assemblies this term, focussing on the prevalence of cyber crime, and how to avoid being a victim of it.

Detective Constable Dawn Ward from the Metropolitan Policy Cyber Crime Unit spoke to pupils from Years 5-10, with adapted presentations for the younger and older audiences. Her talks included some pertinent and relatable examples for our pupils, with topics including keeping safe online, password security, social media age restrictions, gaming, hacking, the law and Computer Misuse Act, using a real-life cautionary tale based on social media security to bring home the message to pupils of the importance of online safety.

DC Ward also provided extremely helpful practical advice on how to keep safe online, as well as how skills and technology and computing can lead to exciting careers in cyber security, including law enforcement, coding and gaming and ‘ethical hacking’.

Feedback from our pupils reflected how much this topic resonated with them:

“It was good to know more about cyber security – I learnt a lot!” (Florence Y5)

“I know more about how to keep safe when I am online and especially how important my passwords are” (Oliver Y5)

“It was useful to know about online crimes so you can be careful not to share personal information on social media” (Preston Y8)

“I found it really useful for the future, and will definitely be careful about changing my passwords and never sharing personal information.” (Edie Y8)

“It was informative for both pupils and adults, especially for pupils as they’re less experienced. The information about changing passwords often was especially useful.” (Dexter Y8)


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