Combined Cadet Force activity training

The Colfe’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) squadron deployed to Cinque Ports Training Area, Folkestone earlier this year.

43 cadets attended four days of activities and training. The cadets conducted refresher training, worked in their sections, patrolled around the training area, and exercised their navigation and tactical skills. They visited five different stands where they were assessed in their abilities of First Aid, Camouflage and Concealment, Observation, Maintaining themselves in the Field and constructing harbour areas.

Other activities included an obstacle course, leadership training, command tasks and further fieldcraft lessons delivered by cadets.  The final day saw the culmination of a closely fought Drill Competition, followed by the camp photograph.

Commanding Officer Major Joyce said “It was great to deploy with the whole squadron – both RAF and Army cadets, to practice and test them in their core skills. I know that the cadets were challenged, but I was pleased to see they responded well in difficult circumstances and our young leaders demonstrated enthusiasm and competence taking charge of the junior cadets in their care. This is a core part of the Squadron’s ethos – equipping Colfe’s cadets with the tenacity, resilience and confidence for life beyond Colfe’s.”

Arthur, a cadet in Year 12, said “The camp involved new experiences, and although many of the activities were tougher it was ultimately more rewarding for all the cadets of every rank.”

Special thanks go to Major Joyce and WO2 Tony Coyle, as well as our volunteers James Shipp, James Green, Mark Dean, Hazel Desmangles and Sgt Ferguson from the Cadet Training Team, for staffing the camp.


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