Colfe’s Mathematicians Add Up to Success

Year 13 mathematicians Isha, Alex, Ajan and Alexios have scored impressive results in the prestigious Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo competition, with all four students achieving a merit.

The Senior Kangaroo is an invitation-only competition, and is the follow-up stage of the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge with only the top 11% of participants invited to take part. The 60-minute test is a particularly taxing one, requiring in-depth engagement with problems that become increasingly challenging.  Just the top 25% of Kangaroo entries result in a merit, so our students performed particularly well to achieve such results.

Feedback from our mathematicians included:

“There were a lot of questions that really made you think, and it was definitely a challenge.” (Alex)

“I liked that the competition exposed us to a wide variety of abstract problems.” (Isha)

“The Senior Kangaroo was quite difficult – definitely a step up from the normal maths challenge that a lot of people do!” (Alexios)

“I found the competition to be quite challenging yet fun, and I enjoyed solving the unorthodox questions that they gave us.” (Ajan)

Head of Mathematics Antoine Guy said “Alexios, Isha, Alex and Ajan have demonstrated real mathematical prowess to achieve such good results. The Senior Kangaroo is fiendishly difficult, and it takes tenacity and stamina to get through the gruelling hour. I am very proud of them all.”


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