Classics Trip to Bath

Year 9 classics enthusiasts enjoyed a fascinating weekend exploring Bath’s Roman history and civilisation in the first of the Classics department’s extra-curricular trips of the year.

The group enjoyed a busy itinerary that began with a visit to the Caerleon amphitheatre and barracks, the site of a superbly preserved Roman fortress dating from c.AD90. The fortress was one of just three permanent legionary fortresses, and the pupils had great fun re-enacting legionary marching and gladiatorial combat with lightweight wooden swords in the site of the 6,000-seater amphitheatre, along with a tour of the only legionary Roman barracks still on view in Europe today.

The second day focussed on the famous Roman Baths themselves, beginning with a workshop exploring some key objects from the collection’s thousands of archaeological finds, providing astonishing insight into the life of Roman Britons. A tour of the Baths and museum followed, taking in the baths, the spring and the pediment and temple dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva

Head of Classics Harry Biggs said: “It was a great pleasure to take our Year 9 group to Bath, and it was a highly enriching experience. Exploring the sites of the Roman Baths and the fortress in person is the best way to bring the Roman experience to life for the students. The group were so enthusiastic and engaged with every aspect of the trip from the visit to Caerleon to the tour of the Baths themselves, I was very proud of their focus and behaviour.”


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