Celebrating a Donation for Geographers and Geologists

A donation of £7,500 has been made to the Colfe’s Charitable Trust by Peter Dolan (OC ’62) and The Dolan Charitable Trust to boost the study of Geography and Geology and inspire the next generation of geoscientists. Peter has been an active Fellow of the Geological Society for over 50 years, and the gift was motivated by both his and the Geological Society’s desire to encourage younger generations to join more physical geography and geology professions.

The gift has been ring-fenced to support current pupils, kindle enquiring minds and enhance exploration of physical geography and geology, for example through extended field trips.

Peter Dolan studied A-level Geology at Colfe’s under the tutorship of his mentor ‘Wo’ Worthington. After continuing geology at university, he worked internationally for a major oil company. Peter went on to live and travel around the world as a principal of several consultancies and to co-found successful exploration companies.

Peter said: “Current interest in the geosciences needs to be resuscitated so that suitably interested and qualified young people can ensure sensitive production and use of natural resources for the benefit of global society. In addition, there are many disciplines that can benefit from the geosciences, including those that are crucial for tackling the challenges we face today, from environmental engineering and renewable energy to research into natural disasters.”

Head of Geography Henna Nissinen said “We are very thankful for Peter Dolan’s generosity. This kind gift will enable us to inspire future generations in a subject which is not only inherently fascinating, but which has such important application. With changing climate and challenges for developing populations across the world, the study of Geography is as relevant to today’s world as never before, while Geology remains vitally important to understanding our Earth and how to ensure a sustainable future.”


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