CCF Gibraltar Camp 2023

Over the February half term 40 cadets from Colfe’s CCF Squadron deployed to Gibraltar on Exercise ROEBUCK ROCK. The last trip to Gibraltar in 2018 was a distant memory and due to COVID interruptions none of the Year 9-13 cadets had experienced an Overseas Training Exercise (OTX).

The OTX consisted of two phases, the military exercise and the cultural package. The military phase provided an opportunity for the cadets to receive training on how to operate in the Urban environment, under the tutelage of Old Colfeians Lt Green and 2Lt Withers. After covering individual and fire team tactics, the village was divided in half and each section conducted a full attack with blank ammunition under the cover of smoke.

The cadets were also taken into the Gibraltar tunnel system to conduct subterranean warfare training under the guidance of former Gurkha Sgt, Kamal Rai. Tunnel fighting is a very rare experience for most regular soldiers, let alone cadets, and moving along narrow passages under torch light with enemy threats lurking behind every corner required concentration, efficient weapon drills and teamwork.

After the military phase there was a chance to unwind over bowling and rock climbing in the town. The cultural activities included a history tour of the military monuments led by Ms Crummay, a hike to the top of the rock to see the Barbary apes and an expedition deep into the ancient natural caves. On the final day the cadets visited HMS Trent, a 2000-ton Royal Navy patrol vessel and received a brief from the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron.

Cadet Taylor (Year 10) said: “Gibraltar was an experience of a lifetime. The blank firing exercise was so much fun and being on board an active Royal Navy Warship was a brilliant end to an unforgettable trip.”

Colfe’s CCF recruits cadets from Year 8 and gives students the opportunity to conduct military-themed activities such as shooting and flying whilst they train towards qualifications in First aid and the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. For further information enquiries should be sent to the Contingent Commander, Captain Richard Roberts at



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