Brain Day 2017

A-level Psychologists have taken part in Colfe’s inaugural ‘Brain Day’ with a series of university-style lectures designed to go beyond the A-level syllabus.

Nearly 40 Sixth Form students took part in lectures led by Dr Guy Sutton, Director of Medical Biology Interactive from the University of Nottingham Medical School.

The lectures included ‘Psychopathology and the Brain’, ‘The Shattered Mind’, ‘From Neuron to Brain’ and ‘The Working and the Damaged Brain’ – pupils also took a closer look at brain anatomy.
Ollie Guindi (Year 13 student) said “This was a very interesting day and it was great to meet Dr Sutton who has a very engaging teaching style. We were able to get a fascinating insight into the history of mental illness that went beyond the syllabus.”

Head of Psychology Dr Jerry Lea who organised the day said, “This was a wonderful opportunity for our Psychology students to learn about new technologies that could eventually be used to read and manipulate thoughts remotely, as well as researching schizophrenia from a neurological perspective.”


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