Apprenticeship Offers Pour In

Offers for degree apprenticeships and higher professional qualifications have been coming thick and fast for Year 13 students as the popularity of apprenticeships shows no sign of abating.

Several students applied for degree apprenticeships alongside university applications and went through the gruelling interview and assessment process. This year has already seen more offers received than ever before, with some students still waiting to hear their outcomes. Offers have been for both degree apprenticeships and Kaplan accountancy qualifications, and many students have received multiple offers. Offers so far have been received from some of the most prestigious UK organisations, including Goldman Sachs, Astra Zeneca, Crowe Audit, Saffery, BDO, Barclays, Bloomberg, Ernst & Young, PwC and Deutsche Bank.

Degree apprenticeships combine study with an in-house company placement, and the students will undertake their university studies alongside working full-time. Obtaining a degree apprenticeship is a relentless and competitive process. The average number of applications for a single placement is between 15-20, with a typical submission involving multiple rounds of interviews and assessments, taking place alongside studying for A-levels.

As their A-levels approach the main feeling within the group, alongside the rest of their Y13 peer group, is apprehension and focus on the forthcoming exams, but they are finding time to reflect on their achievements so far and look forward to their future pathways:

“An apprenticeship offers a route into the long-term industry I want to go into, bringing valuable opportunities for training and making connections while still gaining the education qualifications.” Xavier, Y13

“I’m looking forward to trying all the new things with the opportunities it will bring, and am especially looking forward to working alongside studying and working abroad.” Kam, Y13

“One advantage a degree apprenticeship has is that it gives you more experience within the job at an earlier point and means less competition trying to find an apprenticeship while at university, so I’m hoping to get a step ahead there.” Kate, Y13

Debra Bean, Head of Careers, said: “Having grown in popularity in recent years, degree apprenticeships are now a clear option for many Year 13 leavers, and places are highly sought after. I am so proud of what these students have achieved alongside studying for their A-levels. The process of applying for a degree apprenticeship is nothing short of gruelling and they have done extremely well to have gone through the process and receive the offers they have. I can’t wait to see which offers are taken up, and I have no doubt that any of the companies will be lucky to have them.“


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