150km charity run

Congratulations to Year 10 pupils Evie and Ellen who used the second lockdown to run an amazing 150km each.

Both showed incredible determination to run such a distance and as a result raised over £1,755 (including gift aid) for Martin House Hospice, a charity that supports terminally ill children and young people.

Evie and Ellen are both experienced runners but neither had covered such a long distance before. They ran indoors and outdoors using running machines, doing shuttles in the garden and taking part in running events.

While they spread most of the running out over the course of the second lockdown (5 November to 2 December) they did have longer runs towards the end. Evie ran 60km in the last week, including a 2km race for the London Youth Games, and Ellen ran just under half a marathon on a running machine on the last day.

Ellen said “I wanted to challenge myself and raise money for an important cause. The hardest part was running 20.1 km on the last day on the running machine. I was so exhausted but loved every second of it.”

Evie said “It was Ellen’s idea – she spent a whole day trying to convince me to do it. In the last week I had to catch up by 60km so did 51.8 km along the river and in Greenwich Park and the last 8.2km in the garden. My grandma has supported Martin House for a long time, so was really proud of myself when I finished.”


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