GCSE 2021

Colfe’s pupils have achieved outstanding GCSE success after the most challenging of years.

Despite the continued unpredictability of the last two years, pupils and staff have worked tirelessly to attain an impressive set of results. No fewer than 17 pupils achieved grade nine in at least eight subjects, including four who gained grade nine in at least 11 subjects.

Alice, achieved 11 grade 9s “I am so pleased with my results and I am grateful to the teachers for doing such an excellent job, the live lessons over lockdown were brilliant and they really supported us. I made the right decision to stay at Colfe’s for sixth form and I am going to study A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Geography.”

Alexander, who scored a raft of grade 7,8 and 9s “I am so happy and surprised at my results. I joined Colfe’s in Y9 and have really enjoyed my time here. I am really looking forward to starting sixth form and studying Art, English, Music and German.”

Isha, achieved two grade 8s and nine grade 9s, “I really didn’t expect to get such high grades. The teachers at Colfe’s and my parents have been really supportive during such a challenging two years. I am thrilled. I hope to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-Level.”

Headmaster Richard Russell said: “These fantastic results are a fitting tribute to the dedication of a wonderful group of pupils who have managed to remain cheerful and committed as the goalposts have moved constantly over the last 18 months. They are all well placed to build on their achievement in the sixth form over the next two years. Teachers and parents are also to be congratulated: academic and pastoral support within school has been complemented by a lot of patient encouragement at home, particularly during periods of school closure. The potential of this year group is exciting and we look forward to its fulfilment over the next two years.”


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