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Colfe’s Swim Academy offers a wide range of group classes, private tuition and intensive swim courses.

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Weekly Group Lessons

Please note that due to COVID-19 the Swim Academy is currently closed and will not be able to take any bookings or waiting list enquiries during this time. 


We hope to have more information on our operations in July. 



The Swim Academy caters for children aged 3-16 of all abilities in group classes. Classes follow the Swim England – Learn to Swim Program curriculum and structure. Children are taught in 30-minute lessons by qualified instructors (Swim England or equivalent). Parent and Baby/Toddler classes and Adult lessons are also available.

For information on our Private lessons click here or to learn more about Holiday Intensive Lessons, click here.

Click here to view our Group Lesson timetable & waiting times.


Lessons Structure

Class numbers are kept low with at least two teachers in every class up until stage 5:

  • Stage 1 & Pre-School maximum capacity – 7
  • Stage 2 maximum capacity – 8
  • Stage 3/4 maximum capacity – 9
  • Stages 5+ maximum capacity – 10

Assessments are carried out on a weekly basis with 2-4 targets being assessed during each class. Once a pupil has passed all the set criteria for each stage, they can move up the to next stage – as long as there is space to do so. Children will only move up when they have completed their current stage criteria and when they are confident enough for the next stage.

Time in each stage varies for each child, however Swim England say it is not uncommon for a child to spend an average of 6 months in a stage. During that time, the child should be able to complete other supplementary awards such as Distances and Water Skills.

We use the supplementary awards ‘stepping stones’ between stages. For example a child in a Stage 4 class will also work towards their Water Skills 3 award. Water Skills 3 being is more difficult than Stage 3 but not as difficult as Stage 4. This acts as a perfect bridge between stages.

With Swimming Lessons in high demand across the local area, we do sometimes have some lengthy waiting times for our group lessons, particular our lower stages. Please see our timetable for current wait times.

Sessions & Costs

All group lessons are £8.25 per lesson for non-members and £7.00 for members. Lessons usually run between 8-12 and run all year round (49 weeks a year) stopping only for Easter and Christmas.

Lessons cannot be frozen and can only be refunded or have sessions recovered due to medical reasons, this will need to be evidenced with a doctors note.

How to book

If you have any further questions or you would like to book into a class, please contact the lessons Coordinator at: SwimAcademy@colfes.com or fill out one of our booking forms.