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Colfe's Swim Academy


Here at Colfe’s Swim Academy, we run a variety of swimming lessons of which include: Weekly Group lessons, Private lessons and Holiday Intensive lessons. We cater for Stages 1-10 (4-15 yrs) as well as Adult lessons (16 yrs+).

We follow the Swim England, Learn to Swim pathway and assessments are completed on a weekly basis, meaning pupils don’t have to wait until the end of a term to be moved up if they are ready. More information on the pathway can be found here.

Class numbers are kept low and all stages up to stage 5 have both a teacher and assistant to give pupils plenty of attention and help.

A customer portal is available for all swimmers within our lessons, on this parents can track progress through the stages as well as top up lessons online.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our swimmers and refuse to rush pupils through the program without the right knowledge and experience needed to be a fully rounded swimmer.


For bookings and waiting lists please use the following link – iClassPro

Competitive swimming

Greenwich Royals Swim Club train in our pool on a Saturday morning and have various other locations and timeslots available. To get in touch or to find out more information please click here or email 

Greenwich Royals Swimming Club is a friendly and family orientated club that believes in swimming as a ‘sport for all’. We cater for swimmers at a variety of levels, abilities/disabilities and ages, providing regular training for competitive swimmers (whether at inter-club level or at National level), masters as well as sessions for those who simply wish to swim regularly as part of a club. 




Q – How many pupils do you have in each class? 

A – Stages 1/2 – 7 pupils, stages 3/4 -8  pupils, stages 5+ – 9 pupils.


Q – What is the teacher to pupil ratio? 

A – Stages 1-4 will have a teacher and assistant, stages 5+ will have one teacher. 


Q – When do your lessons run throughout the year? 

A – All year round! We have 1 week off over Easter and 2 weeks off over Christmas, apart from that we run all the way throughout half terms and the summer. 


Q – How much do your lessons cost? 

A – We currently run in monthly blocks and the cost per session is £8.25 for members and £9.25 for non-members. 


Q – What happens if we are away one week and miss a session? 

A – It’s not a problem if a session is missed however we are unable to do a make up session unless it’s for medical reasons which must be evidenced with a doctors note. 


Q – Do you have on site parking?

A – Yes we do! Both entrances (Horn Park Lane & Upwood Road) can be used to access the centre and park free of charge. Please note the Upwood Rd entrance is not accessible by vehicle until 16:15 onwards on Fridays. 


Q – What do I need to bring for my child’s swimming lessons?

A – Just a swimming costume, goggles aren’t compulsory but are advised and a swim cap will be provided free of charge for each new stage they enter. 


Q – Do you have changing rooms and showers available for use?

A – Changing rooms and showers are available for use after each class, pupils should arrive “beach ready” meaning swimming costume on under normal clothes due to Covid regulations.