Relax your mind, body and restore balance – Our Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and hybrid yoga classes are suitable for all abilities, working to the level that your body is ready for.

Achieve your optimal physical and mental potential through the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga, with the expert help of our yoga teacher Geny Caloisi. Find out more at

Featured in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine 2022, Mel Dacres will to take you on a Yogic journey, working both the physical and well being aspects of your health and fitness. Find out more at

Kristie Sedleviciute is on hand to help you discover your body and mind potential through compassionate, mindful and safe yoga practice. Find out more

Day Area Time / Duration Cost (member) Cost (non-member)
Tuesday Beardwood 18:30 / 90 minutes £3 £8
Tuesday Pavilion 20:00 / 60 minutes £3 £8
Wednesday Beardwood 18:30 / 90 Minutes £3 £8
Sunday Pavilion 10:00 / 60 Minutes £3 £8