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Colfe's Charitable Trust

In 1652 the Reverend Abraham Colfe made a commitment to the future when he set up a school in south east London and entrusted its care to the Leathersellers’ Livery Company which governs the school to this day. For more than 370 years, we have educated children across South London, changing to suit modern needs. Abraham Colfe’s purpose was charitable, and the school that he founded remains true to his ideals.

The Colfe’s Charitable Trust was established in 1978 as a vehicle for donations to Colfe’s School. Trustees then allocate those gifts to the school based on donors’ intentions for ring-fenced purposes while also managing the investments of any endowed gifts as needed.

Thanks to the generosity from parents, donors, Old Colfeians and the Leathersellers’ Company we are able to offer opportunities that can help transform the lives of bright young people.  Read more about the impact donors have already been making at Colfe’s in our Five Year Impact Report.

Please explore our pages to find out how your gift can help transform lives.

For a confidential conversation about philanthropy at Colfe’s and how others are supporting these priorities, contact Kathryn McNeill at

How to apply

Find out more about how to apply for Colfe's School. Our main entry points are at ages 3, 4, 11 and 16.