Old Colfeian Society

We stay with you. When you leave Colfe’s you will automatically become a life member of the Old Colfeian Society.

This costs you nothing and has real benefits, including reconnecting with former classmates, forging links with former pupils who are working in your chosen profession and access to exclusive social events.

Old Colfeians also have their own dedicated networking site Colfesnet.com where you can:

  • find and reminisce with fellow Colfeians, see what they’re up to and stay in touch;
  • make introductions, advise or offer to act as a mentor to our current students and younger OCs;
  • grow your professional network and get introduced to Colfeians you should know;
  • advance your career through Colfeian connections working in your industry/organisation.

In this section, you can find out about upcoming events for Old Colfeians, explore Alumni news, and browse through the Colfeian magazine and our Archives.


The current leadership of the Old Colfeian Society consists of the following former pupils, as well as current and former staff, who make up their committee:

  • President: Greg Jones, KC (OC 1986)
  • Chairman: Martin Cartwright (OC 1962)
  • Hon Secretary: Mark Barnes (OC 1976)
  • Hon Treasurer: Ian Harjette (OC 1982)
  • Membership Officer: Alan Ward
  • Elected Members: James Cleverly (OC 1988), Chris Cherry (OC 1984), Tristan Lowne (OC 1991)
  • Co-Opted Members: Vernon Leese (OC 1975), Richard Burton (OC 1981), David Isaacs (OC 1999)
  • Head’s Nominated Representative: Megan Marchant (OC 2017)

How to apply

Find out more about how to apply for Colfe's School. Our main entry points are at ages 3, 4, 11 and 16.