Inspired to Teach

Teaching is a career like no other, every day is different. Being part of a school community is like being part of a family – a uniquely rewarding experience.

Our staff community is supportive, inclusive and vibrant. Staff are relaxed without being casual, and professional without being stuffy. A Colfe’s teacher is dedicated and passionate, and will recognise, nurture and develop the potential in every child. Our teachers inspire our pupils, and we want to inspire teachers.

We offer in-house teacher training for talented graduates in many subject areas.  When employed and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you can become a qualified teacher through our graduate training programme, with mentoring and full formal training leading to a QTS and PGCE – all while receiving a salary.

If you are an undergraduate, recent graduate or thinking about a career change, and would like to enter the teaching profession, then please do apply for a suitable position should it become available (advertised here: Staff Vacancies) and express your interest.

For further information please contact:
Elizabeth Biggs
Induction Lead for Teacher Development

Here’s what our teachers think…

“Schools direct is a brilliant programme for aspiring teachers as it enables you to apply educational theories as you learn them allowing you to become especially familiar and also build up your teaching skill set. The mentoring at Colfe’s is incredible both in terms of subject-specific mentoring and the general teacher training. One huge benefit I have felt about doing my training at Colfe’s is that it has helped me achieve promotions and goals reasonably early in my career. Whilst doing my training I became very familiar with the Colfe’s systems before I had even qualified, which has helped me get middle-leadership roles, both pastoral and academic.
Katie Lindley, Teacher of Maths and Economics and Head of House


The teacher training programme at Colfe’s has played a crucial role in my development personally and professionally. For me, the most valuable aspect was the expert and dedicated mentoring from my subject mentor and teacher training lead. The support I received massively built my confidence, and has allowed me to play an important role in school beyond my subject, including overseas residential trips, co-curricular sport and as a Year 7 form tutor. The community atmosphere at Colfe’s, where both students and staff strive to better themselves and each other, has made it an environment I love to be in. Before I joined Colfe’s, I was not sure how long I wanted to stay in the teaching profession; now, I cannot imagine doing anything else!
David Titcombe, Teacher of Classics

“Even though doing a PGCE alongside teaching can be hard work and daunting at times, it has been an amazing and very rewarding year. I have learned so much about teaching and the course has made me a much more confident and better teacher. The support and training have been fantastic and the weekly mentor meetings have been vital to keeping me going. Colfe’s is a great place to work with collegiate staff who are always happy to help a trainee teacher and the great pupils who make every day worthwhile. There are plenty of opportunities beyond the classroom too such as becoming involved in clubs, outdoor pursuit trips or being a form tutor. I can definitely recommend becoming a teacher. Every day is different and working with pupils means there is never a dull moment. The opportunity to build pupils’ confidence and see the positive effect you have makes the hard work worthwhile and is the most rewarding thing of all.”
Deirdre Feddes, Teacher of Art

There are many benefits to the school direct training program at Colfe’s. When you start you get treated the same as any other member of the teaching staff and not labelled as a trainee which fosters a great level of responsibility and authority. The mentoring is fantastic. Weekly meetings with the Lead Trainer are a great opportunity to reflect and introduce new strategies, and there are many resources to support you in your training. We have fantastic teaching staff across all subjects who will happily let you observe their lessons and bounce ideas off to take into your own teaching.There are loads of extra-curricular activities that you can get involved in. Teaching and learning is something that all teachers are constantly developing and Colfe’s is incredibly proactive with new trends and ideas to support pupils in the classroom. The pupils at Colfe’s are fantastic and being part of the Colfeian community is a very special place to start your teaching career.
Jack Potter, Head of Cricket and Assistant Head of House

A school direct training programme means you start earning from day one and not paying out for another student loan at postgraduate level. Graduate training allows you to focus on development as a teacher without worrying about all the other educational commitments. The mentoring provided at the Colfe’s training programme has allowed me to feel confident in improving as a teacher. My mentor goes above and beyond in supporting my development, always offering a solution if challenges arise. All the mentors and staff are very good at making you feel welcome, and teachers have open doors for allowing you to observe. Colfe’s has a lot of opportunities for development and growth, and there are many ways you can contribute to the ethos of the school, either by joining activities or groups or initiating your own ideas. It is a supportive workplace, with a positive LGBTQ+ and racial inclusion policy and an active Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Group.
Jo Ariti-Alamonte, Teacher of Physics

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