Sixth Form

The world awaits!  We want you to enjoy Colfe’s Sixth Form – but the point is to get you ready for what comes after: university, career or whatever you choose.  Most Colfe's students go on to university, and over half gain places in the high-ranking Russell Group institutions; but if you choose to seek a job, we will give you just as much support and encouragement.

Of course we will help you to do as well as you can in your A levels, but the Sixth Form is more than that.  Overseas expeditions, sport, music, drama, positions of responsibility – all these activities develop in you the qualities of mind and the transferable skills you will need in the wider world, from independent thinking to leadership and teamwork.

We will give you expert advice and support as you decide what you want to do next and prepare yourself for it.

‘My confidence in group projects certainly stems from my years at Colfe’s.’ (A recent leaver)

‘Colfe’s doesn’t mould you into the school’s idea of what it wants you to be. It allows you to be yourself; nurtures and encourages your talents whatever they are.’   (A recent leaver)