We focus on you

There is a whole team to look after you, including the Director of Sixth Form, his assistant, around twelve tutors, expert careers advisers and your subject specialists, many of whom have good contacts (and a great deal of experience) in university admissions.

You’ll be assigned to a tutor group, usually containing about 14 students drawn from both Sixth Form years. It is your tutor who will keep an eye on your progress, week by week. Each tutor group belongs to one of our four Houses, in which members of the Sixth Form play a leading role.

We start you off with a course in study skills intended to enhance your independent ability to learn, recall and use information. You’ll also have the option of taking part in our unique Tougher Minds programme to help you concentrate, and manage your time as effectively as possible.

We use research carried out by the University of Durham to discuss your achievement targets with you. They will be challenging but realistic. This works – in 2013 statistics produced by Durham placed us among the top 20% of independent schools for added value. In other words, our students to do better than they would at four out of five of our independent competitors nationally or at any of the local grammar schools.

And when you leave Colfe’s you will automatically become a life member of the Old Colfeians’ Society (www.colfesalumni.org.uk). This costs you nothing and has real benefits: you keep in touch with friends and you can build professional contacts.