Senior School staff list
Senior Management Team   
Headmaster Mr R Russell MA (Cantab)   
Deputy Head  Mrs D Graham GRSM LRAM
Bursar; Clerk to the Governors Mrs J Lerbech MA (Cantab), MSci, CA
Director of Studies Mr L Rogers MA (Cantab)
Director of Sixth Form Mr S Drury BA (Hons), MA
Director of Pastoral Care Mrs J German BA (Hons) (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Head, Junior School Miss Catriona Macleod BA, MSc    
Director of Teaching and Learning Mrs J Sansome BSc (Hons), MSc
Director of Admissions and Communications Mrs K Bridgman BA (Hons)
Departmental Areas - There are 85 teaching staff in the Senior School.  Heads of Department are listed in bold type.  Particular specialisms or responsibilities are indicated in italic.
Art & Design  
Mrs J Burton BA (Hons) Graphics Co-Ordinator
Ms S Beetlestone BA (Hons), MA    
Mr S Zivanovic BA (Hons)     
Miss L German BA (Hons) Artist in Residence
Mrs D Feddes  Technician
Mr H Cullen MA (Hons)  
Miss D Briscoe-Peaple BA (Hons)    
Mrs N Herbert MA (Cantab)    Head of House: Bramley, PSHEE Co-ordinator
Miss C Le Hur  MA (Cantab), MPhil  Head of School's Partnerships, Oxbridge Co-ordinator
Mr R Russell MA (Cantab)  
Design & Technology  
Mr P Sarpong BSc (Hons)  
Mrs C Cox BA (Hons)    Head of Design & Technology, Maternity leave
Mrs L Doran BA (Hons)  
Ms M Way BA (Hons)  
Mr S Zivanovic BA (Hons)     
Mrs E Chereau Technician
Ms N Maher BA (Hons), Acting Dip  
Mrs R Medhurst MA (Cantab)  Maternity leave
Mrs D Sutherland BA (Hons)  
Mr R Gregg  
Economics & Business Studies  
Mr R Otley BA (Hons)     
Mr M Cox BSc (Hons)  
Miss S Price BA (Hons), MSc     
Miss M Schramm, BA, MA  
Mrs H Cooper BA (Hons)  
Mrs  K Guy BA (Hons)  
Mr  J Smith BA (Hons)     
Miss A Symington BA (Hons), MA  
Miss I Taylor MA (Cantab), GDL, LPC  
General Studies  
Mr C Foxall BA (Hons)    Head of House: Norton
Mr O Snell BSc (Hons), MSc Assistant Director of Sixth Form (UCAS), Duke of Edinburgh Award
Mrs  H Nissinen BSc (Hons), MA Head of Geography, Maternity leave
Mr A Greenwood BSc (Hons) Head of Year 7
Mrs F McAuliffe BSc (Hons)   
Miss C Shanks BA (Hons)  
Mr J Patterson BA (Hons)   Assistant Director of Studies
Miss K Brookes BA (Hons), MA  
Mr S Varley BA (Hons), MA    Editor, The Colfeian
Miss A Wilkinson MSc, MA  
Learning Support  
Miss A Coode BA (Hons) Assistant Director of Outdoor Education
Mrs R Elliott BA (Hons)  
Mr A Guy MEng (Hons)  
Miss C Beale BSc (Hons)  
Mr R Beckett BSc (Hons)   
Dr C Buescu BSc (Hons), MA, PhD    
Mrs E Cordell BSc (Hons)     
Mr M Garcia MEng  
Miss K Lindley BSc (Hons)  
Mrs J Sansome BSc (Hons), MSc Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning
Mrs C Santry BSc (Hons)  
Dr U Vijapura PhD      
Media Studies  
Mr C Foxall BA (Hons)     
Miss J Li-Sue BA (Hons), Dip NFTS Head of House: Prendergast, Co-ordinator of ICT and Computing
Mrs T Whitham BA (Hons)    Media Assistant & Graphic Designer
Modern Foreign Languages  
Mr  M Koutsakis MA Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs E Biggs BSc (Hons), MA   Head of French, Assistant Director of Sixth Form, Leader Trainer
Miss E Harris BMus with French  Head of French, Maternity Leave
Mr  A Seddon BA (Hons), MIL Head of Spanish 
Miss M Broderick BA (Hons), MA  
Mrs  A Chapman BA (Hons)    Head of House: Beardwood
Miss L Chapman BA (Hons)  
Miss F Deutsch SE     Assistant Head of Norton
Mrs J German BA (Hons)    Director of Pastoral Care (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs D Graham GRSM LRAM  
Mr B Holmes BA (Hons), MA  
Mr L Rogers MA (Cantab)  
Mr  G Sycamore BA, Dip MusEd Teacher of Music and Music Technician
Miss K Lasksova BA (Hons), MA Musician in Residence
Outdoor Education  
Major C Cherry BSc (Hons)    Duke of Edinburgh Award
Physical Education  
Mrs N Rayes BEd (Hons), EMBA   Director of Sport
Mr A Bateson BA (Hons)    Assistant Director of Sport, Master in charge of Rugby
Mr F Berridge BA (Hons) Assistant Head of Prendergast, Master in charge of Football and KS3 PE
Mr L Fielden BA (Hons) Assistant Head of Bramley, Master in charge of Tennis and KS4 PE
Mr A Knowles BSc (Hons) Master in charge of KS2 Boys Games
Miss S Manzi BA (Hons) Master in charge of Swimming
Miss D McFarlane BA (Hons) Master in charge of Netball
Miss A Owen BSc (Hons) Master in charge of Hockey
Mr J Potter BA (Hons) Master in charge of Cricket
Mr A Habib BSc (Hons) Sports Assistant
Mr N McFarlane Sports Assistant
Mrs L Williams Sports Assistant
Mr M Poolton BA (Hons), MSc  
Mr S Drury BA (Hons), MA    Director of Sixth Form
Religious Studies & Philosophy  
Miss E Henderson BA (Hons)     
Mrs R Elliott BA (Hons) Master in charge Forum and Focus, Assistant PSHEE Co-ordinator
Ms Z Kendrick BA (Hons), MEd  
Mr J Worley BSc (Hons), DIS Head of House: Norton
Dr G Zimmermann BSc, PhD  
Major Chris Cherry BSc (Hons) Head of Outdoor Education
Dr J Lea PhD, BSc (Hons)   Head of Psychology, Master in charge of Work Experience
Mr C Morriss BSc (Hons) Head of Student Leadership, (Deputy Safeguarding Designated Person)
Miss B Smith BSc (Hons)  
Mr M Stamp BSc (Hons)  
Mr D Fisher BSc, MA     
Major Chris Cherry BSc (Hons) Head of Outdoor Education
Mr D Sawyer BSc (Hons)  
Mr J Worley BSc (Hons), DIS Head of Science, Head of House: Norton
Dr J Lea PhD, BSc (Hons)    
Miss L Mcleod BSc  
Mr J Fishwick BSc (Hons)     
Major Chris Cherry BSc (Hons) Head of Outdoor Education
Mr C Cottrell BSc (Hons)  
Mr M Hillmer BSME MS     
Mrs J De Bolla  Senior Technician
Mrs J Greenshields BSc (Hons), CBiol, MSB  Physics Technician
Mrs J Kalaravy  BSc Chemistry Technician
Mrs C Smales BSc (Hons) KS3 Technician
Combined Cadet Force        
Major C Cherry BSc (Hons) Acting Commanding Officer
WO2 A Coyle      SPSI 
Executive Assistant to the Headmaster Mrs A Salmon CSBM  
Director of Admissions and Communications Mrs K Bridgman BA (Hons)
Communications Manager Mrs N Entwistle BA (Hons)
Admissions Manager Mrs E Heath BSc (Hons)
Admissions and Communications Officer Mrs C Elvin BA (Hons)
Mentor Mrs S O'Leary BSc (Hons)   
School Chaplain Fr S Hall BA, MA (Oxon)
Librarian; Head of Careers  Mrs J Cardnell BA (Hons), Dip Lib, MCLIP, Cert CEG 
Assistant Librarian Mrs H Englefield, BA (Hons), Dip Lib
Examinations Officer  Miss H Roberts BSc (Hons)
UCAS Mr O Snell BSc (Hons), MSc, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Head of Geography
Office Manager Mrs L Banks
Administrative Officer   Miss F Harvey
Administrative Officer   Mrs M Bassett BSc
Administrative Officer  Mrs J Pickering     
Data Manager  Mr S Anthony
Network Technician  Mr N Constant   
Network Technician Mr S O'Hara
School Technician & Photographer  Mr I Bassett     
Bursarial Staff  
Bursar Mrs J Lerbech MA (Cantab), MSci, CA 
Bursar's Secretary  Ms P Keogh BSc (Hons) 
Assistant Bursar  Mrs C Finch BA (Hons), FCCA
Operations Director Mr M Scobie, BSc, ACCA
Operations Manager Mr M Lawrie-Raison
Human Resources Mrs A Ross MA    
Bursary Assistant Mrs L Moules
Bursary and Admissions Assistant Mrs C Conti
Development Officer & Events Mr R Joyce BA (Hons)   
Development Assistant Mrs P Willis
School Nurse  Mrs E Strafford RN    
School Doctor  Dr N Lawrence MBBS, BSc, MRCGP, DRCOG, DFSRH
School Counsellor  Mrs K Kashif BEd (Cantab), MACounsPsych,
Reg BACP (Accred)
Leisure Centre  Mr N Kirby   
Premises Manager  Mr P Taylor     
Deputy Premises Manager Mr A Hammett   
Maintenance Manager  Mr R Chapman     
Maintenance  Mr L Keswick
Schoolkeeper  Mr R Twiner    
Schoolkeeper  Mr J Hammett     
Schoolkeeper Mr J Coombes
Schoolkeeper  Mr I Whitlock     
Head Groundsman  Mr B Atkins     
Groundsman Mr S Bullen     
Groundsman Mr B King     
Groundsman  Mr P Reed     
Catering Manager Mr G Renfrew