What you learn

In Years 7 - 11 each year contains five classes of approximately 20 pupils.

Our curriculum is wide-ranging, including (for example) Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Media Studies, Music and Physical Education at GCSE.

All pupils study one modern language (French, German or Spanish) in Year 7 and will begin a second language in Year 8.  Both modern languages will be continued until the end of Year 9, when pupils make their GCSE choices for Year 10.  Latin is taken in Years 7-8 and may be studied through to A level.

There may be some setting (grouping pupils by aptitude) in Mathematics in Year 7 and it is introduced in full in Year 8. Setting is subsequently introduced in Science and Languages.

All children study the IGCSE (International GCSE) Maths course, which is more rigorous than the standard GCSE.

Top sets are prepared for the separate GCSE Science examinations.