Poor work

When pieces of work are below an acceptable standard for a particular pupil the pupil may be asked to re-do the piece of work or placed in a detention.

In both the Lower and Middle Schools poor academic performance may lead a pupil being placed on report, which means that he/she will have to present to each teacher at each lesson each day a card on which the teacher writes a comment. Pupils on report may be set targets to achieve and an interim report sent to parents by the Head of Year.

Academic Detentions

Detentions given for failure to do homework or poor classroom behaviour should be run by the member of staff involved or the Head of department. If a detention is to be held after school, the School policy is that parents shall receive 24 hours notice of the detention through the pupil’s School Diary.

The School Rules

The school rules at Colfe’s are based on the principle of respect.

The procedure for sanctions requires students to reflect on their misbehaviour and encourages them to take responsibility for their choices.

Please click here for an outline of the sanctions pyramid (PDF - 18kb)