Rewards and sanctions

We run an active and positive reward system. The children are awarded ‘plusses’ or ‘credits’ for excellent work, manners and behaviour which are credited to the individuals and their Houses. At the end of each term the House with the most plusses and credits earns the privilege of a House tea in the school hall. As you would expect, this has proved to be a very popular incentive.

Day-to-day cases of poor work or inappropriate behaviour are dealt with by the Form Teacher, who may write a short note to parents in the child’s prep book. Sanctions appropriate to the situation are taken, e.g. work to be repeated, loss of free time, etc. In a more serious case, a pupil may be kept in detention. When necessary, we discuss with parents what action should be taken.

We urge all pupils to tell staff if anything occurs which could cause them to be unhappy - and we ask parents to do the same. The happy atmosphere in the Junior School is sustained when everyone - parents, pupils and staff - takes an open and caring approach to any problems.